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Attaining more than 16 years under her belt as a successful and prosperous entrepreneur, Dana L. Roberts-Alexander has more than expanded her realm within the accounting industry. After receiving her accounting degree from Albany State University and attending The University of Miami MBA Program, she started her corporate career with a concentration surrounding cost accounting when she was employed with companies like Pavarini Construction, Centerline Homes, Hines International and Turnberry Associates. Employed by these S. Fl top construction companies she gained the knowledge and credibility in order to branch off on her own. While there, she also leaned the power of sustainability; adopting methods and beliefs that every successful business owner should embody.

Each year she successfully introduces an additional aspect of her business and grows to reach new and prior-untapped clients. As of now, Mrs. Roberts-Alexander offers services for federal tax, accounting, bookkeeping, corporate accounting and mortgages. With a focus on providing unmatched services in the area, she has a span that has reached a national level with clients all over the United States.

Dana L. Roberts-Alexander has mastered what it is to be an accountant for anyone with a financial need; doing business with a commitment to integrity while having a hands-on approach that assures more than just baseline satisfaction. So, if you are looking for financial advice, services for your business or are purchasing a home, MVP Financial has a proven track record for accountability and smooth transactions.

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